Project Entitlement

Project Entitlement Services

At Cahen Architectural Group PC, we believe working with the local municipalities and government agencies is critical to the success of the project. We represent and guide our clients through the entire entitlement and zoning process, from the initial Pre-Application meeting all the way through the final public hearings and permitting. These processes include site plan review, rezoning, special use review, architectural review boards to just name a few.

This is such a vital service to a project because the success in this process is the key to our clients’ projects beginning on time and within budget. We continue to review the budget and schedule of the project throughout the entitlement process to confirm we stay on path with the clients’ established goals. We have extensive experience working with local authorities and many municipalities throughout the country.

We will conduct a detailed zoning analysis in coordination with City Staff to determine the process and procedures required to entitle the project. We will prepare all required applications, submittal documents, reports, and exhibits as required by the governmental agencies and will manage the worked required by all of the consultants required for project approval to ensure that the project schedule is maintained.