Programming Services

At Cahen Architectural Group PC, we assist our clients in realizing their vision.

Before beginning any design work, we will work with our clients to identify the overall needs for their project and assist them in establishing their goals. We will perform an informational gathering meeting with them to help establish these specific goals. This includes assisting them on making decisions for the types and sizes of spaces they require and establish relationships between these spaces, as well as identifying building system spaces required for the space to function. A key to a successful program establishes the project goals for both the individual functions and the collective project overall.

The client’s ultimate vision on some projects does not always coincide with their initial budget. Developing a phasing plan is critical for a successful project to fit within the current budget as well as help the client to obtain their final project goals. By identifying these goals early in the process and constantly comparing the current project status against these goals, it allows us to ensure that the project is on track for success and will provide a means of assuring that each phase of development contributes to our clients’ ultimate vision.