Design Guidelines and Feasibility Studies

Design Guidelines & Feasibility Studies

Selecting a site or analyzing an existing building can be a difficult for our clients’ to accomplish on their own. At Cahen Architectural Group PC, we provide due diligence analysis and complete feasibility study services to our clients’ to assist them in selecting the correct site or existing space to meet their project goals. We evaluate possible sites for our clients by reviewing the positive and negative aspects of different sites that may be suitable for the project. We identify the critical entitlement and jurisdictional issues that will affect the project; provide utility analysis; outline possible construction constraints and potential cost issues related to development of the site. We will assemble preliminary schedules and cost estimates for each potential site and assisting in the preparation of development pro-forma. In addition to the base feasibility services, we will also assist our clients in reviewing and/or preparing Letter of Intents, evaluate real estate and development agreements, restriction agreements, CC&R’s and other necessary documents that may be required for a specific real estate transaction.

If our client is looking to remodel or expand their existing facilities or searching to find that right space for a new tenant finish space, we will assist them by completing an existing condition survey of the existing site and building space to determine the feasibility of the client’s goals for their intended project. We will perform a complete evaluation of the existing facilities, including as-built plans and documentation, code and accessibility analysis, impact fees analysis and due diligence of local jurisdiction requirements that will be required for our clients’ project.