Attention to detail is reflected throughout the broad spectrum of restaurants Cahen Architectural Group PC has had the pleasure of being an instrumental part through the years. Maintaining close relationships with our clients help to produce a restaurant that encompasses specific design ideals and assists to promote the symbiotic relationship of the architecture to marketing and product branding. This is essential for any Café, Bistro, Bar or Restaurant.

We understand that creation, discussion, lifestyle, movement and market trends all impact the restaurants of today, far more than just bricks and mortar. Initial concept development of any project requires a clear cohesive direction understood by all that will work on a project. The exchange of ideas and information is paramount in these projects.

Whether it is contemporary sharp lines, dark woods and soft glowing lights to accent clean and simple cuisine; or a brightly colored, vibrant atmosphere with noise, hustle and bustle to promote a fun family atmosphere or energized lounge; the team at Cahen Architectural Group PC is up for the challenge. With many years of highly successful restaurant design experience and research, from initial concept development to opening day, this wealth of knowledge and experience is the foundation and basis for our clients’ continued successes.